Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.

Is there tax?

Yes, there is sales tax.

What if it rains on the day of my appointment?

If it is raining the morning of your appointment we will contact you to confirm the appointment.  If you have a garage that we can work in we can still do the work, if not, the usually we will reschedule the appointment.

What is the difference between a wax vs. a paint sealant?

A paint sealant is the best protection for your vehicle.  The paint sealant actually bonds to your paint whereas as wax sits on top of your paint.  A paint sealant is a polymer based coating which creates an extremely durable barrier to guard your automobiles paint from the environment and prevents fading, loss of shine and oxidation.  A wax wears off and is washed away within 3-4 months.  A paint sealant will generally last about one year.  Depending how you maintain your vehicle, it can last more or less, but one year is about average for a car that is washed and garaged regularly.

Should I have a fabric protection applied to my car?

Our fabric protection is a protective coating which allows for easy clean up of most spills.  It protects by "encapsulating" the fabric fibers, guarding against permanent stains and discoloring.  When properly applied the fabric protection will prolong the life of your fabric and carpet without altering the texture or color.  If you have a new vehicle, drink coffee or eat while driving or have kids and/or pets that ride in the car it is smart to have a fabric protection applied.  Add fabric protection to any Interior, Deluxe Interior or Complete Detail package for only $75.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes, we offer gift certificates for all occasions such as Birthday's, Holiday's, Thank you's, Secretary Day, Boss' Day, Father's Day and Mother's Day.  Looking for a gift for that hard to buy person?  Then look no further our gift certificates are the perfect gift.  Just call us at 1-800-539-6910 or click here to email us a gift certificate request.  Just let us know which service you would like to give and who the gift certificate is for.  We will mail or e-mail the appropriate gift certificate to the address you specify whether it be yours or theirs.

What type of scratches can you remove?

Scratches on the surface of your car's paint can generally be removed with either a cleaner wax or a compound.  Removable scratches are not the type that break through the surface of your paint.  They are scuffs caused by something rubbing your car and leaving behind a scrape or paint.  If you have a scratch in your car's paint run your finger nail over it.  If while going over it your nail sinks to the metal then the scratch is too deep for us to fix.  Or if you see primer where the scratch is it is too deep for us to fix.  Consult a body shop or paint company for repairs.  If the scratches are not too deep we can take care of them.  Common causes of scratch's are:  car doors, bumpers, poles, walls, bicycles, bushes, machine car washes, etc...

What is Overspray?

When paint drifts onto your car it is referred to as overspray.  The 2 most effective methods of removing overspray are:  using a solvent or using a surface preparation bar.  Depending on the type of over spray (water base or oil base), will determine the best method of removal.  Stay away from any company that uses high speed polisher as a method of removing the overspray.  This method leaves swirl marks in your cars paint.  Also, never ever, use a razor blade on your glass to remove paint.  Today's windows are made of special materials.  While wet it may appear that all is OK, but when it dries that is another story.  Scratches from hell will require you to replace the window, and will be very costly.  After overspray is removed from your vehicle, your vehicle will be waxed.

What is Fallout?

Fallout is pollution.  Specifically, it is iron particles embedded into the paint's surface.  Over time, these particles begin to rust.  Fallout is visible from about 6 inches away (on light color paint) and can also be felt.  To determine if fallout is present, gently wipe your hand across the trunk or roof of a clean car.  Make sure to remove any jewelry that can scratch your paint before doing this.  If fallout is preset, your paint will feel gritty.  A clay surface preparation bar is the most effective method for removing fallout.  After fallout has been removed from your vehicle, your vehicle will be waxed.

What is Tar Removal?

Road tar can be removed using a solvent.  If taken care of quickly it can be a relatively simple process.  However, tar does harden as it dries making it much more difficult to remove.  Once you noticed tar on your vehicle we recommend taking care of it right away.  After the tar has been removed from your vehicle, it will be waxed.

What is Oxidation?

Oxidation is caused by oxygen molecules attaching to your car's paint. This makes your paint look dull, cloudy or chalky.  If left unchecked, oxidized paint can cause damage beyond repair.  In order to prevent oxidation we recommend you have your vehicle waxed every 3-4 months or have a paint sealant applied once a year.  Oxidation may be removed using a cleaner wax or compound.

Can you remove pet odor and cigarette smoke?

Let face it, we all love our pets and take them everywhere we can.  But at times they do leave a bad odor in our car.  No matter how many air fresheners we put in the car it does not cover up the smell.  In order to remove pet odor (or cigarette smoke) you need to have the interior cleaned, upholstery and carpets shampooed with a special odor eating enzyme.  Then have an ozone machine run in your vehicle to remove residual odors.  Don't mask odors.  Let the experts at take care of it for you right the first time.  We provide this service for an additional fee.

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