Just bought a new car or thinking about buying a new one?  Then consider having a 3M Chiprotect, aka Paint Chip Guard, applied to protect paint from rock chips, bug impact damage, abrasions, weathering & protect headlights from pitting and breakage from road debris.

3M Chiprotect Clear Vehicle Protection Film is available for the hood, fenders, mirrors, door cups, door edges, front bumper and lights.  Each kit is cut from a computerized design for a perfect fit on every make and model.  The actual product is clear.  

Why choose us over the dealership?

  • We have the highest volume kit installs in the NW
  • Computer cut kits for exact fit
  • Best coverage kits, no exposed hood edges
  • Use only 3M material
  • Trained and certified installers
  • Best turn around time
  • Best warranty
  • Competitive pricing
  • We use 8mil, clear-coated urethane film
  • Guaranteed not to discolor, crack or peel, but can be removed at any time if necessary without damage to paint finish
  • Product is clear - your original paint color and luster shines through
  • We use 30mil film to protect headlights from pitting and breakage from road debris
  • Professional installed

3M Chip Protection - Full Kit $949

Front bumper
Door cups
Door edges
New Car Sealants
Why pay car dealership prices?

We offer the following 
New Car Services​

3M Chip Protection

Paint Sealant

Fabric Protection

Leather Sealant
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New Car Sealants - We come to you
Paint Sealant, 3M Chiprotect, Fabric Protection and Leather Sealant
We bring our detail shop to you; 
saving you time and money!

Why pay car dealership prices for new car sealants and 3M CHIPROTECT when the experts at ADC, LLC provide the same service for Paint Sealants, Fabric Protection, Leather Protection, Window Tinting and 3M Chip Protection at a substantial savings.

Call us before buying your next car to see what type of savings we provide. 

If you have already purchased a new vehicle then consider having a new car sealant package done to protect your investment. 

Many people who purchase a new vehicle may not understand that while it is new, your vehicle still needs protection.  Clear coat on paint start peeling if not properly taken care of.  Or spills, if not protected by fabric protection, may leave permanent staining, even if the stain is cleaned up immediately.  Protect your investment with these simple and cost efficient methods.

Paint Sealant

A paint sealant is the best protection for your vehicle.  The paint sealant actually bonds to your paint, whereas a wax sits on top of your paint.  A Paint Sealant is a polymer based coating which creates an extremely durable barrier to guard your automobiles paint from the environment and prevents fading, loss of shine and oxidation. A Paint Sealant protects your vehicle's finish from acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, weather induced fading, hard water etching, and industrial fallout. Whereas a wax wears off and is washed away within 3-4 months.  A paint sealant will generally last about 1 year.  Depending how you maintain your vehicle, it can last more or less.  But 1 year is about average for a car that is washed and garaged regularly.   We clay bar every vehicle, removing any present fallout which prepares for the best bond between your paint and the paint sealant.

A dealership sells a paint sealant package at high prices and state that it has a 5 year warranty.  Read the fine print.  Most will say in order to keep the warranty activated you must come in every 6 months to 1 year to have it re-applied otherwise your warranty is voided.  

Having a paint sealant applied once a year is the best thing for your vehicle.  It allows us to remove harmful fallout embedded in your paint every year.  Especially with our Pacific NW harsh weather, there are a lot of harmful elements that may damage your paint and must be removed.

Paint Sealant Pricing

Exterior Detail with a Paint Sealant -  Hand wash vehicle, clean rims, clay bar paint, apply paint sealant to all paint and chrome, dress rubber and tires and clean exterior windows.

Cars $295

Small Trucks/SUV $325 

Large Trucks/SUV $385

Fabric Protection

Fabric protection is a protective coating which allows for easy clean up of most spills.  
It protects by "encapsulating" the fabric fibers, guarding against permanent stains and discoloring.  When properly applied the Fabric protection will prolong the life of your fabric 
and carpet without altering the texture or color.  

Fabric Protection Pricing

Fabric Protection $150

Fabric Protection with another sealant + $125

Leather Sealant

Our Leather Sealant creates a barrier against stains.  It also protects premature aging and it retains the natural softness of the leather.  Can be used on all leather and vinyl elements of your vehicle.

Leather Sealant Pricing

Leather Sealant $150

Leather Sealant with another sealant + $125

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Types of vehicles we service New Vehicle Sealants: Paint Sealant, Fabric Protection and Leather Sealant Also:  3M Chiprotection, 3M Paint Chip Guard and Window Tinting