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What is overspray?
Overspray are any airborne particles from projects that adheres to the surface of your vehicle and cannot be easily washed away.  This could happen if something being painted was sprayed, rolled or even brushed on.  Particles drift through the wind and adheres to your vehicle surface, leaving behind a layer of paint overspray which can be visible on paint, glass or chrome surfaces.  Unfortunately paint overspray happens, especially in the windy Pacific NW.  We, at ADC, LLC, take care of any  problems professionally and quickly.  We immediately dispatch our mobile units to any location and remove the overspray on-site. This makes it convenient for you or your claimant.  

How do you remove overspary?
Overspary is removed by our highly trained technicians using the most up-to-date techniques and products.  We do not use any harsh rubbing compounds, high speed polishers, sanding or razor blades to remove overspray.  Our removal process includes a specific clay bar removal process and/or solvent to safely remove paint from your vehicles surface.  Removing the paint overspary from your vehicle is done by hand, virtually eliminating any potential damage to your paints finish. Our clay bar removal process preserves the original paint's finish and does not void any manufacturers paint warranty.  

That's not metallic paint it is heavy white overspray paint.  
Notice the clean patch in the middle?  We can safely remove your 
overspray problem without damaging the original paint or voiding any manufactures paint warranty.

Do I need to have my vehicle waxed after overspray is removed?
Yes, you do have to have your vehicle waxed to protect your paints finish after overspray is removed.  We apply a paint sealant to all vehicles after the overspray has been safely removed to give you the best protection possible. 

Do I need to bring my vehicle to a shop to have this process done?
No, you do not have to take your vehicle anywhere to have the overspray removed.  Our highly skilled and professionally staffed mobile units go to your home or office to remove the overspary for you.  This saves you time and money.

Is ADC, LLC licensed and insured?
Yes, we are licensed and insured.

Can ADC, LLC submit claims to my insurance company?
Yes, we work closely with insurance companies, self-insured entities, contractors, property and risk management companies taking care of their overspray problems.  Our staff will document the process and submit the paperwork to you, the insurance adjuster and keep a copy for future reference.

Do you offer Multiple Unit Discounts?
Yes, we offer multiple vehicle discounts for overspray removal.  

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