Why use a mobile detail service?

The days of bringing your vehicle to the detail shop is over.  Our schedules are just too busy that adding another thing to our schedule is mind boggling. List are just a few of the con's of bringing your vehicle to a shop/location and the pro's of using a mobile detail service.

The CON's of a detail shop

  • You have to drop off your vehicle early (before work)
  • You have to arrange transportation back and forth from work/home to the detail shop
  • You have minimum wage employees working on your vehicle
  • Your car is part of an assembly line and doesn't get the true white glove treatment
  • Most detail shops only use high speed polishers on your paint.  Why do you ask.  Because they have to get done with your car as soon as possible to start working on the next vehicle.  High speed polishers leave behind damaging swirl marks.  The swirls will become visible when your wax wears off
  • There are many employees working on your vehicle at the same time and  sometimes items get missed and don't get cleaned
  • A shop has to charge you a lot of money because they have expensive overhead cost

The PRO's of a Mobile Detail Service

  • We bring our detail shop to you saving you travel time
  • If you have your vehicle detailed while at work, at the end of the day, you will drive away in a clean car
  • Every detail technician is thoroughly trained in all aspects of detailing.  From taking care of paint problems to removing difficult stains or interior odors we have the trained skills to use the right equipment and the right materials to take care of the problem the first time around
  • Since we have no building overhead cost we are able to pass the savings on to you
  • Our detail technician is focused on your car and your car only.  We have a systematic process that guarantees everything will receive the 100% white glove treatment.  Just like you expect when you get your car detailed by a professional

And don't forget, we offer a multi car discount of 10% off each vehicle if 
2 or more vehicles are detailed at the same location on the same day

Mobile Car, Boat & RV Detailing
at your home, office or dock
We bring our detail shop to you; 
saving you time and money!
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